Minoring in Corrections with a Major in Criminal Justice

While there are countless career possibilities those with a criminal justice degree major may enter, many in this educational pathway wish to make a difference in the rehabilitation and security of incarcerated individuals. If you’re interested in tackling the challenges of a career in corrections, then it’s suggested by career counselors and professionals in this field to obtain a major in criminal justice while minoring in corrections. While the exact coursework laid out in a corrections degree program can vary based upon institutions, the foundation of this educational pathway is universal.

Coursework in a Minor in Corrections

As stated above, the exact courses you’ll be required to take can vary based upon your training institution; however, the following courses are considered essential as they cover all the primary topics a corrections officer must excel at in order to be successful within this career.

Jail System Policies – Throughout the topics covered in this coursework, students will learn about the various jail system policies and practices based upon contemporary and historical perspectives. Due to the requirements of this career field, special attention is given to the demands seen by jail administrative personnel and other staff members. Topics include policy issues, special jail populations, jail facility management and fiscal constraints.

Corrections in the Community – As a correctional officer you’ll be working directly with inmates to not only ensure their safety, but to ensure the community as a whole has benefited from this judicial process. Throughout this coursework, you’ll delve into topics such as community-based incarceration alternatives, elements of parole, probation history and implementation as well as topics around the re-entry of ex-inmates into the community. If you’re considering a career as a correctional officer, this is an essential course to take and master.

Correctional Counseling – One of the primary responsibilities of correctional officers is to not only ensure the safety of inmates and other facility staff members, but to aid in the rehabilitation of convicts. This coursework provides a detailed overview regarding various rehabilitation approaches, which are currently in-demand based upon contemporary correctional facilities. Topics include treatment and counseling techniques along with various rehabilitation practices.

Correctional Theory, Practice and Policy – Much like other specialty subjects within the corrections educational program, the theory, practice and policy of corrections is considered a cornerstone course. Throughout this subject, students will not only learn about contemporary issues within the field of corrections, but they’re given an opportunity to the demonstrate their knowledge through participation projects.

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